osCommerce patches

Patches for osCommerce - MS 2.2: all patches should be applied from the top level of the oscommerce install unless otherwise noted

patch -p0 < name.of.file.patch
DescriptionFilesSubmitted to osCommerce site?
Fix problems with direct downloads on Windows using IE Yes
Fix problems with date of birth not being parsed on input for different locales in customer account screens Yes
tep_date_raw function incorrect for dutch.php language file No
Fix problem with file manager's editor (admin interface) not allowing user-entered backslashes, for example a single-quoted string with a single quote embedded in it like 'Test\'s the fix'. This patch allows the user to use \\ as an escape sequence from the file manager, e.g. 'Test\\'s the fix' .. it also keeps the file manager from breaking files provided with the osCommerce distribution that have embedded quotes escaped with backslashes. Yes

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